Project Overview

All the humanitarian projects established by Madison Quakers, Inc. since 1993 have been funded as a result of requests by Vietnamese organizations.

Beginning with the My Lai Loan Fund established in 1993, Madison Quakers, Inc. has initiated projects in over 30 villages, including:

- micro-credit loans in My Lai and fourteen other villages in Quang Ngai province. These loans have been given to more than 3,000 poor women to start small businesses.
- building of four elementary schools for My Lai.
- building more than 50 Compassion Houses for victims of Agent Orange, extremely poor women and veterans.
-drilling water wells for ethnic minority villages in the mountains.
-drilling a water well for the rehabilitation clinic for victims of Agent Orange.
-providing scholarships for poor students
-providing water purification systems for primary schools in the province.
-funding the My Lai Peace Park.
-creating the Art Penpals project which facilitated the exchange of artwork between the children of My Lai and Madison, WI.
-delivering medical supplies.

2017 has been a very prolific year for MQI in Vietnam The projects they have funded this year alone include:
1. Water filtration systems for 6 primary schools in 2 villages: Binh An and Binh Khuong (both H’re ethnic communes) (cost $4000)
2. Drilling a water well for the Rehabilitation Center for Agent Orange victims in Nghia Thang village (cost: $1250)
3. Twenty bicycles for school children in Hang Tinh Tay village (cost: $1500)
4. Three compassion homes for women in the villages of Binh My, Nghia Dien, Tinh Ky and Binh Nguyen, (cost: $8200)
5. Scholarships for 50 students, children of former prisoners and Agent Orange victims, (cost: $2500)

We realize the Vietnamese better understand the needs of their people than we do. All projects are administered by the Vietnamese authorities with oversight by MQI Project Coordinator, Phan Van Do, working together with Madison coordinator Mike Boehm and the Board of MQI.  Mutual respect and the efforts by all concerned to build strong lasting relationships are the key to the success of our humanitarian projects in Vietnam.


An example of a woman who might be considered for a compassion house.